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Pleiades MoonStar – Massage for Life


Pleiades MoonStar has studied and or practiced massage at the following locations;


  • Feel Like a Million Ayurvedic Spa. Fairfield, IA (Study and practice as Ayurvedic technician) 1998
  • Eternal Spring (Private School Mill Valley, CA) Private massage therapist for staff & students. 2001
  • School of Thai Traditional Medical Massage Mill Valley, CA (Certification) 2001
  • Pacific School of Massage & Healing Arts. Gualala, CA (Certification) 2008
  • Infinity Spa & Salon Crescent City, CA. (Massage Therapist) 2009 – 2013
  • Manila, PH (Study of Thai Massage) 2009 & 2013
  • Sagada, PH (Study of Chinese Meridian Massage) 2013
  • Thai Healing Massage Academy, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Certification) 2017


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Pleiades and massage:

Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Etc

Pleiades has a fairly unique background when it comes to his life’s journey and it definitely is expressed in the way he embraces the massage experience.


Pleiades became formally initiated into meditation and yoga when he was 18 years old due to an insatiable curiosity/drive to understand the deeper realities of existence/life and over the course of years has continued that pursuit. Still fully immersed in this journey, if you were to ask him what he knows about life, his reply would probably be that he has discovered over the course of time that he knows less than he thought he did.


Over the course of his early years he explored different disciplines, on one occasion living as a temple monk as a Bhakti yogi. How does this type of journey affect his view of massage? Pleiades says that spirituality is inseparable from physical reality and as such massage is to be considered a sacred experience. “To love you, is to love myself”.


All is energy. If you had a microscope powerful enough you would see that actually nothing is solid. Everything is energy, and physical reality as you perceive it is illusion. -Pleiades MoonStar



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“Massage as an art-form”

Clock time/Temporal reality:

A Leaf On The Wind…


I understand that people have appointments to keep, things to do, places to be, etc., and I will of course be sensitive to your temporal needs, but if your schedule allows for it then I won’t be fastidiously adhering to any dictates from the clock on the wall. When we begin our journey together, we will journey as a leaf on the wind and enjoy the adventure together, stepping outside of the box and letting go of time.